General Meeting Minutes June 1, 2015

The Lassen County Fire Safe Council (LCFSC) convened in regular session at 6:35 p.m. on June 1, 2015 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office located at 705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville. Officers present were Chair Lloyd Keefer, Managing Director Tom Esgate, Secretary/Treasurer Cathy Dirden, Dan Douglas, Education Program Coordinator, and Board Member Carol Keefer.

I.     Opening and Welcome:
Managing Director Tom Esgate opened the meeting and asked for introductions around.  Secretary/Treasurer Cathy Dirden gave the Treasurer’s Report

II.     Public Comment:  Tony Shaw, Lassen County Deputy County Administrative Officer, announced the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) is seeking nominations for members.  Details of the announcement can be found in the newspaper.

III.     Managing Director’s Report: Tom Esgate reported on the following:
Active Projects:
Little Valley (SNC / WWUI / PG&E) – SNC – The crews were “mudded out” of Stage I of the project area due to wet conditions.  Tom submitted an extension through the end of the year for completion.  Cal Fire handwork is yet to be done; crews are undergoing yearly trainings.  WWUI – Cutting should be completed this week; we have until the end of year to complete.  PG&E Right-of-Way – Close to completion; crews are masticating both the power line ROW and the 20 acre private parcel.  The biomass is cut and ¾ chipped; handwork was completed 2 weeks ago.  They’ll wrap up early.  Tom hopes PG&E will need more of our help.
Milford (Title III) – Dan will provide update during the Education Report.
Upper Pit IRWMP: South Ash Valley – The agreement is complete and the project is out for bids.
Partners for Fish & Wildlife – There is $20,000 left for hand treatments.
Applications/New Potential Projects:
Cal Fire Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Projects – The grant application deadline is June 10th.  Mark Pustejovsky/SPI is working on the shape file and evaluation for Paiute.  Tom needs to complete the monitoring plan. Letterbox/BLM – Don Hansen said his contact in Reno is having problems with data conversion.  South Eagle Lake/Beaty – Per Ryan Hilburn, they should be done; Mills is doing the modeling.  Tom requested all project contact information as he heads into the final stretch finalizing the applications.  Fruitgrowers didn’t come through so it’s a Beaty project.  They may have been too busy with the Eiler fire and blowdown salvages.
CFSC – All applications moved from the Administrative review to the Program review at CFSC.  Aps were submitted for Diamond Mountain for $200,000 with Beaty, Little Valley, and Lookout/PRCD for a fuel break on the west side of the community.
Diamond Mountain Working Group – The field trip went well as did the DMI group meeting just before this meeting.  They are making good progress.

IV.     Education Director’s Report.  Dan reported on the following:
Spalding Firewise Community – He and his wife spent 6 hours on Memorial Day at the community watch program on Disaster Preparedness. He distributed Disaster Kits including the “Go Bags” filled with suggested items for disaster preparedness packing. Also provided magnetic red vinyl envelopes for disaster and emergency communication plans. These are placed on refrigerators to grab and go. He also provided handouts on Ember Awareness, The 5 P’s, Cal Fire’s emergency checklist if you can’t evacuate and a checklist for those returning home after an evacuation.
Firewise in the Classroom – Long Valley Charter was unable to do the program due to change in teacher.  Fletcher-Walker (Westwood) completed their program.
Facebook – Dan reported “likes” are up to 100.
Website – 579 site visits this past month with top hits on the Home Page, Plant Guide, and Contact Us pages – he advised the Council update the Contact Us.
House Numbering – No update
Education Committee – The Committee met on Wednesday, May 20th at 1:00pm changing from the third Thursday schedule.
Milford evacuation Plan – Dan completed the design for the Milford Evacuation Plan but he stated that he was asked to suspend work until further notice while issues are worked out with he and the Council.

Lloyd Keefer announced the Council is terminating the Dan’s Education Coordinator position at the end of June.  The Board cannot continue funding the position and the Title III funds can no longer be used to educate the kids. He thanked Dan for a job well done. Others spoke about his passionate dedication and professionalism he put into his job and stated that he will be missed.

V.         Agency Updates.
BLM – Karl Todd stated the project at Horse Lake is on and will go out to bid next week.  The project is called Middle Creek and covers the area between Hwy 139 and Hwy 395.
Cal Fire – No report
NE CA Fire Prevention – Nothing to report
NRCS – No report
USFS/Lassen – Matt Boisseau stated they are staffing Peg Leg Lookout and getting ready to review the others.  There was severe wind damage to the Thompson Peak Lookout and they need to look at options.  Tony Shaw/Lassen Co Deputy CAO stated he would forward information on the lookouts to Lloyd for distribution.  Matt said they are trying to tackle timber sales from the blowdown; working on the NEPA which will be packaged with Hat Creek’s area.  They are working on ways to expedite the process; and are busy trying to keep woodcutters out of the sale areas. They’ve designated the area south of Hwy 44 for wood cutting, saving the area north of Hwy 44 for sales.  He has the Hot Shots and fire fighters out clearing the dirt roads.
Susan River Fire Protection District – Hugh Parker reported crews are doing lots of trainings.
Janesville Fire Protection District – No report
Office of Emergency Services (OES) – No report.
Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) – Mark Pustejovsky reported they are focusing on the blowdown and very concerned about the bugs. Bug increases are due to drought conditions and now the blowdown.  They are backing off the green sales for now.
Honey Lake Power (HLP) – Mark Shaffer reported HLP is running full bore producing 30 MW net. SPI is hauling chips in but will soon slow down.  The rain knocked truckers out of Madeline due to 5” of rain.
Beaty & Associates – Ryan Hilburn reported they’re chipping around Westwood chasing the blowdown.  They have a project with IRWM Plan in the Upper Feather River and need LCFSC to be a signatory on the MOU. The MOU deadline is June 14th.  They have proposals for 3,000 acres around Westwood and Clear Creek that will go into the round by August.  Funding is from Prop 84, the last round.

VI     Other
CWPP & Title III – Tony received requests for funding. They are slated for the Board of Supervisors meeting on June 9, 2015.

VII    Next Meeting: The next General Meeting will be held Monday, July 6, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office located at 705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville.

VIII    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:17 pm.