Monday, July 6, 2016
Susan River Fire Protection District
705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California

The LCFSC Diamond Mountain Initiative meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm on July 6, 2016 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office, 705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California.  Attendees were Scott Rosikiewicz, Tony Shaw, Joyce El Kouarti, Ryan Hilburn, Carol Keefer, Don Hansen, Lorraine Forrester-Hansen, Hugh Parker, Kristy Hoffman, Don Gordon, Steven Anderson, Mark Shaffer, Lauri Tippin, Terri Frolli, Kelly Holt, Lloyd Keefer, Tom Esgate, and Cathy Dirden.


  • Welcome and Introductions – LCFSC Managing Director Tom opened the meeting welcoming all and asked for introductions.  


  • Western WUI Grant Application Update – Tom stated the grant agreement package has been signed and it has an 18 month term. The plan is to utilize the funds on Valceschini property and a few others. Because we don’t have a blanket clearance we’ll need to get the property owners identified first.  It also depends on the state of the Honey Lake Power (HLP) plant. Mark stated the most viable option right now is the biomass option; if they choose to bid on it they will not know for sure until November and it does not look good. He stated they plan to keep running through October.  They will not be buying a lot of fuel in the next few months; minimum production will start July 16th.  Tom stated we are holding off on all projects that are not currently underway until we see what’s going to happen.  If we start, we might end up with a lot of material on the ground and no place to take it.  We are trying to come up with alternatives.  He stated biomass is preferred with material going either to HLP or Burney Forest Power.  Tom stated he and Beaty did a re-bid of the project in Modoc County to cover small diameter/pole harvesting. All contractors had to provide bid to complete the project with or without a biomass plant.  Some have expressed interest in doing small pole logs. The Lookout/PRCD projects are mastication.  


  • National Forest Foundation Capacity Grant Update – We held a joint meeting with Lassen Forest; Joyce stated they haven’t heard anything negative since which is a good sign.  Tom is considering doing a blog for NFF.


  • SNC DM USFS NEPA Update on process – Bobette was unavailable for an update.  Tom stated the public scoping meeting was held and we are in the process of finalizing the agreement with the archeologist, Robert Guidino.  The Forest is checking to be sure the permitting was done correctly.  Joyce El Kouarti will find out the status of the permitting.  Tom stated once approved we will be ready to sign the agreement and begin work.  He requested a punch list of duties from the USFS for Eileen Carrey’s agreement so that he can complete it.  Joyce will pass along the information along to Dave Hays.


  • SNC DM Implementation/Discussion on Application Submittal – The SNC grant was awarded. Kristy stated the agreement was still in the works; she and Tom will meet to discuss after the meeting. Tom stated the last item in order to proceed is completion of the Beaty Tenure Agreement.  The Beaty rep that oversees the agreement is currently on vacation.  He will be working with Beaty to work out the issues.  We have 90 days from approval of the project to complete the Tenure agreement and there are about 50 days left.  Kristy asked Tom to review the deliverables after the meeting.

    SRA Grant award, going forward, roadway treatments – Tom stated we have not had great response from the property owners.  This will be exclusively hand treatments with Cal Fire crews.  In order to move forward we need clearance; in order for clearance we need to identify the participating property owners.  The group discussed the wording of the project letter to property owners.  There were separate mailings; the SRA is exclusively along the roadway and CFSC covers broader treatments.  Tom stated to make the project effective we need the participation of all property owners.  The group discussed the benefit of a demo area so the property owners can see what the treatment would look like.  Beaty has property that a private crew could treat.  Tom suggested using the CFSC funds that have clearance on a parcel along the road; utilizing a private crew treating the parcel according to Beaty prescription.  He wants to take before and after picture and mail them to property owners.  Lloyd stated a demo area worked very well in the Janesville area.  Ryan agreed to work with Don to identify a suitable demo site that would be typical of what other private owners have.  They will work out a description for a contractor to follow.  Terri stated leaving firewood for the property owners is a good incentive.


  • CFSC Diamond Mountain Grant – Tom stated everything is pending the HLP plant status.  If we have a plant, there may be ample acres to use the SNC funds and CFSC there; the WWUI will be used on other properties and we have some of those properties identified.


  • Mapping needs – Karl Todd was not available for an update.


  • Treatment Funding Discussion – Tom stated there was no need to discuss until the status of the HLP plant is known   


  • Other – Laurie Tippin asked where to find information on the project.  Tom directed her to the CWPP Work Plans which have descriptions of all projects including the agency projects. He stated Laurie as a representative of Honey Lake RCD should be included in the CWPP meetings.

    Joyce El Kouarti suggested having someone contact the individual property owners one on one about the project.  Tom feels having demo site would be the best option so they can actually see for themselves what the treatment will be.

    Laurie asked what types of funding are coming up in the future.  Tom stated the CFSC is upcoming; he doesn’t know at this time about others but is always checking.  Most require a 50% match; it depends.


  • Next Meeting – The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 1, 2016 at 5:30 pm. Meeting adjourned at 6:21 pm.