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Monday, February 1, 2016
Susan River Fire Protection District
705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California

The LCFSC Diamond Mountain Initiative meeting was called to order at 5: pm on February 1, 2016 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office, 705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California.  Attendees were Joyce El Kouarti, Steve Griffin, Ryan Hilburn, Don Hansen, Lorraine Forester-Hansen, Carol Keefer, Dave Junette, Kristi Hoffman, Tony Shaw, Mark Shaffer, Bobette Jones, Lloyd Keefer, Tom Esgate, and Cathy Dirden.

  • Welcome and Introductions – LCFSC Managing Director Tom Esgate opened the meeting, welcomed all and asked for introductions.  
  • Western WUI Grant Application Update – Tom stated we are waiting on the grant agreement which will be probably May or June, the process is long.  Dave stated the project was considered “likely” that it was approved.  Our strategy is to hold off until SNC decision is made; the best location for SNC work is on the Beaty property.  If that doesn’t happen we will re-evaluation options.
  • National Forest Foundation Capacity Grant Update – Tom expects to hear something by March 1st.  Tom stated they will be holding a national conference in Denver on April 25th and 26th. Tom applied for a scholarship to attend and offered to present information on our efforts with the collaborative effort for work on Forest land.  He also invited other in the group to attend.  
  • SNC DM USFS NEPA process/pre grant activities – Tom stated he was stuck in Washington due to the weather and unable to make the scheduled Forest meeting with Bobette and Eileen.  Kristi stated the DM Planning grant agreement was not done yet; it will be coming from their grants and agreements department. She will double check and let him know the timeline.  Tom suggested delaying the meeting until the agreement is received.  He asked Bobette to let him know if there is something he needs to do in the meantime.  She stated there are things she can do on her side.  Their status is about the same; by the end of the month she will have the action map out to the specialists; on March 17th they have a meeting to discuss and this will provide a status on surveys.
  • SNC DM Implementation/Discussion on Application Improvement – Tom filed the SNC implementation pre-application for the treatment grant and is awaiting feedback.  Kristi said he will hear back on the narrative piece in a day or two; the technical review may take a couple weeks.  Tom was concerned about the long term maintenance being substantial enough. He provided extra maps and asked for confirmation about the ownership of the motorway.  Ryan stated there are questions about the other property owners along the motorway, but Beaty is okay. Kristi said any clarity would be great.  Ryan stated it works in everybody’s favor as it is.  Bobette will ask her transportation person. Tom stated Lloyd, Ryan, and Tim Keesey attended a Tribal consultation on the DM project at Susanville Indian Rancheria this past week; the Vice Chair of the Tribe will send a letter of support.  Tom asked Tony Shaw to see if he can get a letter of support on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda for the DM and a couple others that are need. Tom will provide a draft.
  • SRA Grant Application – Tom filed the $100,000 SRA grant application.  Dave Junette said Scott Rosikewicz received about twelve applications for the Lassen Plumas Modoc Unit. The applications are put on their server then sent back to the Unit. Dave said they’re due back on February 12th.  Ryan said the THP must be signed off before crew activities can begin. Dave concurred, Cal Fire cannot do the work for private industry until then.  Tom will check with Ivan Houser.
  • CFSC Diamond Mountain Grant – Discussed earlier.
  • Mapping needs – Karl Todd was not available
  • Treatment Funding Discussion – Green House Gas – Dave Junette stated there would be more funding available; for what specifically they have not determined yet; although there should be a lot of funds coming out especially with the dead and dying, drought and bug kills coming this direction
  • Other – The SNC will be holding their 2016 meeting in Lassen County in June.  The group offered location options; Jensen Hall, Veterans Hall, Diamond Mountain Casino, Elks Hall, and Monsignor Moran Hall.  Kristi said a planning meeting is to be held in February.  Clear Creek, Diamond Mountain were suggested for site visits.  A tour of Honey Lake Power was also suggested.
  • Next Meeting – The next meeting is scheduled for April 4, 2016 at 5:30 pm. Meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.