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March 5, 2018
Susan River Fire Protection District
705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California

The LCFSC Diamond Mountain Initiative meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm on March 5, 2018 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office, 705-145 Hwy 395 in Johnstonville, California. Attendees were Bob Andrews, Steven Anderson, Kristy Hoffman, Bobette Jones, Hannah Tangeman, Don Hansen, Mark Shaffer, Ben Goodin, Tom Esgate, and Cathy Dirden.

  1. Welcome and Introductions – LCFSC Managing Director Tom opened and welcomed.
  2. SNC DM USFS NEPA Process
    1. USFS Activities – The NEPA process has been completed. USFS is currently assisting with the CEQA process. The Honey Lake Valley RCD met on February 28th and adopted the Resolution for the DM CEQA. Tim Keesey, who is working on the CEQA, sent it to the State Clearinghouse as a Negative Declaration. If all goes well with no issues, it should be cleared in 30 days.
    2. LCFSC Activities/CEQA RAC – The RAC agreement was signed and Tom is preparing the first bill. He is in the process of closing out the SNC grant. There may still be some tweaking in the budget section and is waiting until everything is finalized.
    3. GGRF Application – Tom stated the GGRF application was submitted the 21st. During the process, we received an offer from Pacific Southwest. The offer including us doing the research, and we would add another $300,000. Tom turned them down; he didn’t think it would improve the project and might be a negative. The operating period would not be long enough to get results. They wanted us to create a model. Tom feels we have a good application. Scott told Tom their Unit had 4 applications accepted; 1 in Lassen County and 3 in Plumas or parts of Plumas. He didn’t have the names at that time. Priority is given to those with CEQA completed. Tom stated deadline is yet to be determined and hopes for mid-April to allow us time to clear CEQA. Kristy asked what portion of the area is on USFS land; Tom stated all of it. Tom is optimistic and stated the State must have the contract signed and the funds obligated by June 30th.
  3. SNC DM Implementation – We are in hibernation right now. We may be able to start early this year.
  4. CFSC DM Grant Work – Grant work is shut down.
  1. SRA DM Status – Crews have been busy, and all piles are gone. We are in the close-out phase; the grant runs until March 15th.
  2. Honey Lake Valley RCD (HLVRCD) SNC Grant Status – No report
  3. Treatment Funding Discussion

SNC USFS – Kristy stated she doesn’t know yet if there is funding remaining from last year. They do have some grants awards which can be seen on the SNC website under Board Meeting materials. Kristy is not able to say how much is remaining. She stated they have 3 options; 1 is to stay on track with Prop 1 with the next funding cycle which would be September 2019; although they may move that up and doesn’t know at this point. She thinks they may get the CCI grant. They put in for grant working with the Tahoe Central Sierra Initiative. There is not a good portion of SRA land and doesn’t feel it’s real strong. The other option is for a biomass subsidy for transportation on federal land. CFA submitted one for biomass subsidy for transportation on private land. Mark stated they must be within 30 miles of the plant (road miles).

SRA – Tom hasn’t heard anything yet.

  1. Other – Kristy stated SNC will fund about $3 million at their meeting; they had $8 million for their Fall meeting; she doesn’t know the exact number but expects at least a couple million. This Wednesday, SNC is holding a Watershed Improvement meeting from 1:00-4:30pm. There is a webcast available. She stated information is on their website under meetings. The focus this year is the State’s efforts towards climate change. The Governor has been invited to speak. They will be at the Plumas National Forest meeting in Quincy.
  2. Next Meeting & Adjournment – Tom feels it may not be necessary to have another meeting until May. We will send out a notice if we won’t hold a meeting in April.