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Lassen County Fire Safe Council Education Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes                                                                                        Susanville Interagency Fire Center

April 17, 2014                                                                               5th Street, Susanville

2:30 p.m.

Meeting convened: 2:30

Attendees:       Dan Douglas/LCFSC, Karl Todd/BLM, Dave Sandborg, Leah Sandberg, CalFire, Courtney  Wood, Travis Orange/Plumas NF

Current Projects

Education in the Classroom – Dan provided a status report on the program.  He is working on finding future funding for the program.  Discussion was held regarding funding and how agencies may be able to help with obtaining some of the classroom materials.  Karl and Leah both commented that they would be able to purchase materials if needed.  Dan commented that he was low on the red classroom project folders.  Dan will send a website to Karl to purchase 70 additional folders.  Additional discussion was held regarding how the classroom project benefits the National Forest and whether or not we would be able to request SRSA Title II funds for the program.  No direction or ideas were developed.

House Numbering – Dan is still working on the brochure for use by the local fire districts to be able to hand out to potential homeowners about the program to help obtain sign-ups for the signs.

Website updates – Dan provided a report received from Jason on web site activity.  It was noted that thew top three sources for accessing our website are from : Google searches, , and by Direct Link by typing in the URL.  There were 212 site visits in March.  Popular pages were: the Landscape Plant Guide, CWPP, 2012 WUI map, and the House numbering project.

Youth Education – Leah commented that she has scheduled a session in Portola to present the “Juvenile Fire Starter” program.

“Firewise” Moment Newspaper Column – No report

Other – Dan commented that he had looked into having more canvas bags made for distribution during the Home & Garden show.  Due to the costs quoted it was decided to forgo having these printed at this time.  Dan will look for additional printing quotes for future print opportunities.

Dan noted that he is has sent the article to LMUD to be printed in the  May issue of the Ruralite magazine.

Dan noted that both he and Leah will be attending training in Sacramento April 29th and 30th on performing Community Risk Assessments

Future Projects

Elderly and Disabled

Next meeting is scheduled for 2:30, Thursday May 15, 2014 at SIFC.

Adjourned: 3:20