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Lassen County Tree Mortality Taskforce February 22, 2017

February 24, 2017


  • Laurie Tippin Honey Lake Valley RCD Danny Cluck US Forest Service
  • Larry Cabodi Honey Lake Valley RCD Eric Peitz NRCS
  • Ian Sims Honey Lake Valley RCD Christian Siemer NRCS
  • Steve DeBonis Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Sarah Hubert Susanville Indian Rancheria

Public Education/Outreach Working Group Update: The Honey Lake Valley RCD board of Directors approved the Taskforce’s request to host the Lassen Co. Tree Mortality Taskforce website. A copy of a summary document and several web links that would appear on the web page was presented to & approved by the group. Ian Sims will add this information to the Honey Lake Valley RCD website within the next couple weeks. Please use the website listed above to access the site. Please send Laurie Tippin ( the web links to other web pages or documents you’d like to see posted on the Task Force’s web page.

Discussion: The group discussed & agreed to postpone scheduling a future meeting until June or July due to the increased amount of precipitation Lassen Co. has received this winter. Danny Cluck explained that the dead & dying trees from 2016 will not recover & some mortality should be seen in 2017; however, new mortality from drought &/or insects should not be significant in 2017 due to the increased precipitation. Therefore, we agreed to wait until visible signs of tree mortality can be seen before scheduling the next meeting.