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January 8, 2018

Susan River Fire Protection District

705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California

The LCFSC Diamond Mountain Initiative meeting was called to order at 5:40 pm on January 8, 2018 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office, 705-145 Hwy 395 in Johnstonville, California. Attendees were Hugh Parker, William Johnson; Bob Andrews; Ted McArthur, Mark Shaffer, Steve Griffin, Tom Esgate, Cathy Dirden and Kristy Hoffman joined via conference call.

  1. Welcome and Introductions – LCFSC Managing Director Tom opened and welcomed all and asked for introductions. Ted McArthur, interim USFS Forest Supervisor for Lassen District, introduced himself; he is the District Ranger on the Klamath.
  2. SNC DM USFS NEPA Process
    1. USFS Activities – Tom updated Ted on the NEPA process stating we are 2 days away from the end of the Objection Period. Tom advised we followed up with a RAC grant to do CEQA and are writing grants to get money for the Forest. Tom stated the last time the modeling used by the Forest didn’t show a benefit, so we did the application for all handwork. He stated, with the GHG benefit we get a higher priority in the grant ranking. Tom is concerned we may need a specialist on the Forest side to assist our consultant. We don’t have to do the calculations for the concept paper; but will need it for the final grant application. Tom expects a May application date. Ted stated the Forest will support the FSC’s efforts. Tom stated the DMI is roughly 5,000 acres and has been the #1 project for the CWPP for the past 3 years. We have County support and the collaboration of other agencies. We are waiting to see if there will be a protest; if we do, they may not have standing because of late comments. There was only one commenting from the industrial forest group and they wouldn’t be looking to stop a project.
    2. LCFSC Activities – Tom produced a support letter for the County and assumes it will be in by the 8th. Mark Shaffer/HLP will also send a support letter. Tom will send Mark the notice.
    3. GGRF Application – Discussed above. Tom stated we needed consent from the Forest last time. Ted stated he will be in support the application. Tom will send it to Ted for his blessing. Expected to be around February 20th. Discussion regarding GHG numbers.
    4. DM CEQA RAC – Tom explained the RAC application is to do CEQA because a larger amount of funding will come from the State of California. They required CEQA be done for SNC upon application submittal and they give priority to those that have it completed. Tom stated we expect it to be completed within 90 days. The Honey Lake Valley RCD has agreed to be the lead agency for us. We are using Tim Keesey, consultant, to do the work. Tim worked for the RCD and is familiar with the process. Tom stated 90% of CEQA is already done in the NEPA. There will be fees required and the RAC grant will cover that and the work. Tom needs the grant agreement from RCD as soon as possible to meet the timeframe. William will check into status of the agreement.
  3. SNC DM Implementation – Tom stated funding from SNC shows collaboration with the Forest. We are done with SNC work for the season. Discussion regarding private landowners and Bob Andrews concern about BLM piles still needing to be burned.
  4. CFSC DM Grant Work – Grant work is shut down.
  1. SRA DM Status – Crews are doing burning
  2. Honey Lake Valley RCD (HLVRCD) SNC Grant Status – William stated they didn’t have their meeting in December and he was not able to touch base with Ian. Their minutes stated they have not done any mechanical but were able to get some handwork done. William was not aware of the SNC sign requirements. Tom offered the RCD could put their logo on our sign for the DMI project. William stated they’ve changed their logo. He stated there was a lack of interest by contractors. Tom stated he heard that SPI is encouraging students to participate in a training program. Discussion regarding forest products industry, lack of truckers, and the Shasta College education program.
  3. Treatment Funding Discussion

SNC USFS – Kristy joined via conference call. She stated the sign for HLVRCD needs to be located close to their project at the turn of Wingfield Road. She wasn’t sure of the size requirements. William will be sure the HLVRCD logo is on the FSC sign.

Tom asked Kristy if SNC is going to spend all their money in this round or not. Kristy didn’t think so, but doesn’t know what will happen next; if SB5 is voted in, how it might affect their timetable for release of funds. She stated there is a concern that if funds become available to the region, will they be able to put those additional funds on the ground. This will probably be addressed at their upcoming meeting strategic meeting.

Kristy stated SNC is holding a Strategic Assessment meeting on Wednesday, January 10th at the Lassen Community College from 9:30 – 12:30. They had a program called “wind tunneling” which allowed invited individuals to submit ideas online. The meeting will review those ideas.

  1. Other – None
  2. Next Meeting & Adjournment – The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 5, 2018. Meeting adjourned at 6:31 pm.