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Thursday, May 1, 2017

Susan River Fire Protection District

705-145 Hwy 395, Johnstonville, California

The LCFSC Diamond Mountain Initiative meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm on May 1, 2017 at the Susan River Fire Protection District Office, 705-145 Hwy 395 in Johnstonville, California. Attendees were Don Hansen, Ryan Hilburn, Phil Nemir, Larry Cabodi, William Johnson, Chuck Lewis, Hannah Tangeman, Mark Shaffer, Karl Todd, Tom Esgate, Lloyd Keefer, Frolli, Cathy Dirden, and Kristy Hoffman.

  1. Welcome and Introductions – LCFSC Managing Director Tom opened and asked for introductions.
  2. National Forest Foundation (NFF) Capacity Grant Update – The photo op was done on Wednesday, April 5th at 10:00 am in front of the sign at the corner of Gold Run Road and Richmond Road. The press was there to take a picture and Tom provided them with a press release which ran in the Times on Tuesday, April 11th.
  3. SNC DM USFS NEPA process – LCFSC – Tom is not able to report on the USFS side of the project since Bobette was not able to make the meeting. He stated the Archeological Survey was completed and accepted. We are still waiting on the approval of the Proposed Plan of Action at the Supervisor level. Tom stated Bobette is hoping for release in a week in a week.

GHG Concept Paper – The Concept Paper has been submitted; Laurie Tippin/HLVRCD explained to Terri she would need to take it to their Board regarding LCFSC using it as part of the Match. Larry Cabodi/HLVRDC reported the Board would like to have more specifics on the project before voting to allow. Tom will share the Concept Paper and stated we will overachieve the match as we always do. He said it will add value to the application and there is no commitment on HLVRCD’s part. He stated we have Forest Service contribution, chips, logs, $2.8 million match, and $4.7 million in grant funds requested. Tom stated we still need to meet with Dave Hays/Forest Supervisor, but he wants to wait and see if the Concept Paper is accepted first. Tom talked with the GHG Rep at the Forest who indicated Cal Fire and the Air Resources Board that come up with the metrics and modeling, etc. have yet to come up with specifics which are needed prior to completing the full application. Last time it took them a year to get the info together. The application is supposed to be due May 15th. Tom feels it will be going on for a while. Larry stated conceptually their Board liked it. USFS – Chuck Lewis/Fuels Specialist at the Eagle Lake District joined the meeting. He stated they have a date of May 15th for approval of the Proposed Plan of Action then it will go out for scoping. He stated the comments received were not significant; one comment from the NEPA Coordinator was if they could HFRA because they’re doing the second alternative; they received the okay. Terri sent Bobette comments to be added to the Plan regarding collaborative efforts of the DMI. Tom stated we hope it will head off challenges or appeals since it is developed by a broad-based community group. Tom explained to Chuck our decision to wait before talking with Dave Hays. Tom stated he spoke with Mr. Ko/USFS who indicated it would be a while. Chuck stated a concern was not having the NEPA done while applying and something happening during the comment period or we were not able to complete, it would reflect negatively on the Lassen. Tom stated it was very clear in their request for proposals, they set a high priority on the projects where NEPA is already done. He stated in the Procedure Manual states we have one year from the award of the grant to complete NEPA. Tom is cautiously optimistic they will see the value of the project since it is a partnership, but pessimistic that they’ll receive so many applications and may stick with the NEPA-ready ones.

  1. SNC DM Implementation – Kristy stated the advance is in the bank and ready to start.
  2. CFSC Diamond Mountain Grant – Funds will be used to back fill the SNC project on Beaty ground. We may be able to do other properties as well.
  3. CFSC WWUI – See above.
  4. SRA Diamond Mountain Status – Regarding the SRA property owner signups, Phil Nemir stated his property owners doing the EMP were Hunt, Melton, and Hill. They need to complete the THP before they can participate and it’s now a matter of finding an available operator to do the work. He doesn’t expect to be done with the sale until mid to late summer and getting any work done with them would be fall or next summer. Tom stated Cathy will start working with those that declined to encourage participation. Discussion regarding where Beaty property lies. The SRA grant is a hand thinning treatment along the corridor of the Motorway.

Larry Cabodi introduced William Johnson as the new RCD Board member. William shared a bit of his background.

  1. Honey Lake Valley RCD SNC Grant Awarded. Phil Nemir stated the project area is being laid and hopes to get bids out soon. He is very concerned about getting operator stating there is a shortage and it’s hard to find those that will chip. The area is starting to dry out and he hopes to get started in the next couple weeks to finish up the logging job.
  2. Treatment Funding Discussion.

SNC USFS – Kristy Hoffman/SNC stated they pre-application is due in by September 1st for the next round, and full applications by November 1st with a site visit in between. CEQA is required to be done prior to the full application date. Kristy does not expect any leniency, but they hired a new Head Grant Administrator and that may change CEQA timing. She stated the goal was to move towards having CEQA ready. Tom will touch base again in July to see if we might want to apply. Kristy stated the Tribal Consult could start now. Tom stated they had Tribal support letters. She reminded us it has to be all the tribes recognized in the area. Ryan stated the County has a list.

  Other – Terri Frolli stated the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) just met and are going to be pushing for projects. She stated the call for projects will be out shortly. They have $282,000 and need everything in by the end of August so the RAC can make recommendations to the Forest Supervisory by the end of September. They will be spending the 2014/2015 funding. Terri announced she was elected as the RAC Chair and they have a full committee. Applicants can be anybody and the project should be on National Forest Assistance land or private as long as it benefits the Forest. She said to be sure and talk to the District Ranger to have a Forest contact. Lloyd suggested Terri go to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) under Public Comment the first time to introduce herself and inform the BOS about the RAC process. Tony stated the press would be there and she could give them a press release at that time. Lloyd said when projects have been approved she could then go to the BOS again under Agenda Items and provide a list of projects so the Supervisors will know what would be in their District.

Kristy/SNC stated SNC will be hosting another series of grant writing workshops for beginner to intermediate grant writers, one in Susanville on July 17th and 18th with Lassen Land and Trails Trust hosting. It’s free and limited to 15. Other workshops will be held in Alturas, Redding and Plumas County. Kristy will send to Cathy to send out to the email list.

  Next Meeting – The next meeting is to be determined and notifications will go out.