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March Education Committee Meeting Minutes

The Lassen County Fire Safe Council Education Subcommittee convened at 4:35 pm on March 17, 2011 at the Lassen Career Network conference room, 1616 Chestnut Street, Susanville. Committee members present were Chairman Dan Douglas, Cathy Dirden, Susan Osgood, Karl Todd, John Miguel, Dave Sandborg, and Leah Sandberg.

Current Projects

Education Classroom Update Dan stated he will be proposing an in-service day at the schools for introduction of the program for this spring. He would like to see of the Council can cover the cost of the substitute teachers which runs about $100 per day per sub. He will be taking his proposal to the Board for consideration. The Committee discussed providing incentives for the teachers to do the classes according to the program. Dan talked with Richard DuVarney, Superintendent of Schools regarding the program. He said he will discuss the program and hand out brochures at the County School Administrators meeting next week. Dan will bring Rich brochures about the program for distribution.

Home Numbering Project Leah stated the Camp shop prepared the signs for Butte County but it was 50 versus 90 gage metal. She is waiting for the prices and costing them out a 6 x 30 and 6 x 24 inches. Dan is asking a couple of his construction friends to suggest some sample mounting options for the signs. The information will be posted for the property owners on the website.

Fire Box Program No report.

Living with Fire Newspaper Insert Dan stated he was considering selling ads for the inserts. Andy at the UPS Store is willing to sell ads. The concept is to focus the insert on the low lying areasbrush and grassland areas. He stated that UNR is planning to do away with their Living with Fire program and expresses his concern as we utilize several of their publications here.

Elderly and Disabled Dan reported that the RAC authorized a grant for the Susanville Indian Rancheria with the Council providing matching funds. Dan explained that since the Homeland Security Funds program operates in arrears, he had been watching for the 2011 grant opportunity and not one for 2010 and completely missed the opportunity to apply. He suggested that we might assist fire districts instead with their programs and team up with them on the house numbering program, tagging the campaign Can we find you?

Website Update Dan reported he met with Jason Flaherty, webmaster to review updates. He is currently working on the history of LC FSC and how it started out and the progression into what it is today.

Wildfire Simulator Dan reported the Board approved the purchase of the flip charts as an add-on to the simulator. He is having difficulty again getting the simulator company to call back so he can get the order going.


Northern California Fire Prevention Expo Jim Miguel/USFS Modoc provided copies of the flyer for the Expo. Its scheduled for May 14th and 15th at the McArthur Fair Grounds. Dan commented that he was able to discuss the event with Ted Freidline, Susanville Fire Chief and asked about them about bringing the trailer and smoke simulator. Jim stated they will also be having a Chili Cook-Off at the same time; he passed out registration forms. Dan stated that Dan Lang from the California FSC and Firewise representatives will be present. Jim stated hes only received one commitment from a vendor so far. Discussion was held regarding about what can be done to get more vendors to commit to the event.

Science Fair Dan stated the Board approved the purchase of a $100 Savings Bond as an FSC award to be presented on Thursday, March 24th at 7:00 pm. Dan stated that the Council has been holding funds totaling about $325 for the Northeast California Fire Prevention Council (NECPFC) for a couple years. Comments were made that maybe the funds could be used on the Smokey Bear Park on the fairgrounds or other project such as replacing the paved paths with DG.

Home and Garden Show The show this year will be held on the 4th weekend in April. Ideas are to have sign numbers available, the Wildfire Simulator, among other educational information.

Poster Contest The NECFPC has incorporated the poster contest into their education programs at the school. The NECFPC will review the entries and narrow the selection down. The winner will be voted on at the Home and Garden Show.

Other Dave Sandborg said the NECFPC team is into day 2 of the school program and so far worked with 300 kids at McKinley School in Kindergarten and First grades. They have 4 more classes scheduled.

Childrens Fair is Saturday, May 7th at the Lassen County Fair Grounds.

There will be a work crew meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd to work on the float. It needs TLC.

Future Projects

Street Meetings No report.

Radio Weekly Updates w/Fire Info No report.

Firewise Home Contest No report.

Summer Youth Program No report.

Homeowner/Resident Information No Report.

The next meeting will be held on April 21st at 4:30 pm, same location.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm.